Jade. June, 2015.

This was made with a lot of love. This is for my personal project but it could be in a photodiary section, as one of the memories of important changing phases of my life.

Jade is a lovely girl, it was so very easy to talk and enjoy our day just doing things we like. She brought a lot of smiles and an amazing selection of her ladies vintage and branded clothing, The Little Deer (@thelittledeer). Hyde Park was full of happy faces of all ages that morning. It was a warm day after a lot of cold and clouds.

LuizaPotiens_MF008 LuizaPotiens_MF009 LuizaPotiens_MF012 LuizaPotiens_MF010 LuizaPotiens_MF011 LuizaPotiens_MF013 LuizaPotiens_MF003 LuizaPotiens_MF002 LuizaPotiens_MF001 LuizaPotiens_MF004 LuizaPotiens_MF005 LuizaPotiens_MF006 LuizaPotiens_MF007 LuizaPotiens_MF014 LuizaPotiens_MF015 LuizaPotiens_MF020 LuizaPotiens_MF017 LuizaPotiens_MF018 LuizaPotiens_MF021 LuizaPotiens_MF019 LuizaPotiens_MF022      

That's my first post after a little time away. Now, it feels exactly the right moment to be back.