I'm starting a new sequence of photo-diary updates. It will be about my Eurotrip this past months.

This is for photography lovers, for travelers, for dreamers. To escape reality for a while. Maybe for inspiring your next vacation...
Anyway, if it brings anything good to your heart at all, I'll be really happy.

Starting with Lisboa. My first stop had been in Sintra for work (soon here too), and after a week of a lot of hours filming, we changed our base and enjoyed the city for a few days. I'm glad to say that Lisboa was an amazing surprise for me. I had never thought about it and I fell in love with this city in the first night we put our feet there. Don't even have to say about the special taste of being travelling with the most important people in the world for me.
Could totally live there and be in peace. Would have to be more active to deal with all the climbing though hahaha

13May2015_1139 12May2015_Luiza_0143 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0138 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0154 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0156 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0165 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0160 12May2015_Luiza_0148 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0122 13May2015_1163 12May2015_Luiza_0123 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0115 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0121 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0192 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0253 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0263 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0256 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0257 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0258 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0189 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0067 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0095 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0104 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0105 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0080 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0197 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0206 12May2015_Luiza_0229 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0233 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0212 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0179 12May2015_Luiza_0290 12May2015_Luiza_0320 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0347 (1) 13May2015_1006 13May2015_1028 13May2015_1136 13May2015_1079 13May2015_1081 13May2015_1102 12May2015_Luiza_0284 13May2015_1140 14May2015_0219 14May2015_0215 12May2015_Luiza_0376 (1) 12May2015_Luiza_0363
This images are in Valentina Magazine blog too, with some of Sintra too (spoiler alert!), click here to see it: