This May, we've been to Sintra in Portugal for work. Can't publish all the moments related to work yet, but here's my photo notes about this enchanted city.
We spend most of the time in the most pure form of nature, so much green, flowers everywhere you look, silence. Just peace, amazing castles, history. Didn't even seem like work. We walked through huge gardens, layed in a hill full of tiny daisies to enjoy the sun, looking a tiny pound that had a Monet vibe. Laugh a lot during shooting days, laugh of tourists, had great and disappointing new experiences with specials on the menu. We couldn't see a lot of the city center during the days, as we're based close to our campaign location - Monserrate Palace, but we did cross its winding streets a thousand times by car. It was enough to fall in love, that light, impossible to explain! A lot of time feeling sick on the roads though... In the nights we had the most delicious experiences in little restaurants and "Tascas", places with such a cozy feeling, low lights, amazing wine, beautiful details hanging on the walls and on top of the furnishings.

08May2015_0032 08May2015_0030 08May2015_0038 08May2015_0036 08May2015_0044 08May2015_0019 08May2015_0051 08May2015_0052 08May2015_0059 08May2015_0075 08May2015_0077 08May2015_0079 08May2015_0094 08May2015_0096 08May2015_0099 08May2015_0118 08May2015_0064 08May2015_0145 08May2015_0170 08May2015_0177 10May2015_1056 10May2015_1078 11May2015_Luiza_0467-2 10May2015_1080 10May2015_1185 09May2015_0788 09May2015_0768 09May2015_0792 10May2015_1430 09May2015_0740 10May2015_1239 10May2015_1236 10May2015_1243 09May2015_0721 11May2015_Luiza_0554 09May2015_0597 09May2015_0635 09May2015_0663 11May2015_Luiza_0581 10May2015_1287 10May2015_1436 10May2015_1306 10May2015_1187 09May2015_0843 Here's a work backstage moment we did, if after the images you still think it's not enough and want to see a little more (:

Backstage Perfect Way S/S 2016 from Blackbird Photo Studio on Vimeo.