Decided to continue my Eurotrip photodiary with Villefranche-sur-mer, a tiny city in Côte d'Azur. I was based in Nice, but I was lucky enough to meet two wonderful girls in my first half hour in the hostel bedroom... Michelle and Courtney. We couldn't make plans apart for the days that were about to come..  Why would we? We spent a few days together, but energy is a funny thing. When it's real, it's real. I lived moments with this guys that will be in my memories for a long time. Our weird tiny family, with two temporary sisters and Joe, that suddenly seems like an oldest brother! This day had such a lovely weather! It was one of our stops on our train adventures.. We had a plus one that day, a lovely girl that seems to don't understand us even with all our effort, but we realized later that she was too busy dreaming about coming back to Monaco's Casinos. She was there, and then she wasn't anymore..  Every place we look had such a colorful architecture, candy colors making me dive in my photography state of mind gaps, followed by realizing I always stop looking for details, flowers, or some roof's color and I have to run to catch up with other people... Tiny streets, an empty museum, running and having silly innocent moments with friends... An incredible dinner at sunset with real-friendship-bonding talks. Sharing feelings and memories never seem so easy... I'm still not used to sunny days until 9PM, I love it, but every night would feel like a blessing to me. A small part of one of my days being part of an England-USA-Brazil crew through South of France. 16May2015_1581 16May2015_1775 16May2015_1776 16May2015_1783 16May2015_179416May2015_1766 16May2015_1799 16May2015_1802 16May2015_180916May2015_181216May2015_182016May2015_1830 16May2015_1832 16May2015_1847 16May2015_1852 16May2015_1854 16May2015_1859 16May2015_1863 16May2015_1868 16May2015_190016May2015_187516May2015_189716May2015_1894 16May2015_1905 16May2015_191316May2015_1939 16May2015_1932 16May2015_1949 16May2015_1953 16May2015_1971 16May2015_1967   16May2015_1972 16May2015_1980 16May2015_1986 16May2015_1977